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With a SoenGo Impact Account

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We're Investing for a Better World

With an Impact Account, your business can join our Impact Investor Community and co-fund ESG Investments online. You can build an investment portfolio that reflects your values. We score each project for social, environmental and good governance for our clients, in addition to carefully selecting projects considering the financial risks and rewards. We focus on ESG Housing, Healthcare and Habitat Investments which offer competitive returns, ESG Impact and asset-backed security. Working together our clients can 'Earn Good & Do Good'.

Call our team Monday to Friday (10:00 am to 4:00 pm) on:

+353 1 685 9259

*When you invest your Capital is at Risk. Terms & Conditions apply.


We believe access to affordable housing if human right. We also recognise the urgent need to tackle the environmental crisis. That's why we support trusted developers who are looking to deliver energy-efficient, social, affordable and student housing.

With a legal charge over the underlying properties, we can optimised, secured returns and help to deliver a lasting impact.


We're working to support the delivery of healthcare projects inclusive of Nursing Homes, Care Homes and specialist facilities. 
We also aim to support innovation in Medtech and Healthtech, providing a blend on venture debt and venture capital opportunities to our Impact Investor Community


We're building new products to support the switch to a Net-Zero economy, including Project Finance for Renewable Energy, Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture Finance.